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Lebo Mathosa’s gravesite turmoil

The gravesite of afro-pop diva Lebo Mathosa is reportedly abandoned and falling to pieces.

Mathosa started her career with the popular South African band Boom Shaka in 1994 at the age of 15 and went on to have a hugely successful career, winning SAMAs and touring the globe.

The singer passed away in 2006, in a car crash and now reports have surfaced that her family is fighting over her estate and her gravesite is left in ruins.

A source close to Lebo’s family reportedly says that her brother Solly Mathosa has abaoned Lebo’s gravesite.

“None of Lebo’s family members came by on Christmas to clean up her grave or restore the fallen pieces,” the source said.

When contacted about Lebo’s grave, Solly told Sunday Sun: “It’s not an issue. We’ll fix it.”

Lebo’s biological mother, Judy Peter, claims she hasn’t received all the money due to her from Lebo’s estate, Sunday Sun reports.

Jurgens Bekker, Judy Peter’s attorney, said: “Some money in terms of a court settlement was forthcoming, but there’s still money outstanding.”

He added: “As a result, Lebo’s estate has not been finalised yet. This was further complicated by the death of Mama Mathosa, whose estate has also not been finalised.”


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