Phat Joe offends LGBTQ+ community again with insulting slur

Phat Joe has issued a public apology to the LGBTIQ+ community after he came under fire for using a 'derogatory and transphobic' word on his Radio 2000 show.

The radio personality used the word “tranny” – an offensive term used for a transgender person – in a debate about Cardi B.

Cardi B herself was slammed and sparked outrage last year after a meme with the word was shared on her social media page.

After receiving backlash, Phat Joe apologised on air on Thursday.

“When I used the word I was actually paraphrasing what Cardi B said. She used that particular word and I was chastising her for the message in her video. I did not know that the word was a no-no,” he said.

The radio personality claimed that many people still do not know what words are offensive, and brought an expert to his show to assist.

This is not the first time Phat Joe has sparked outrage among the LGBTIQ+ community.

Last month, he was suspended for three weeks, after he weighed in on a storm surrounding Zodwa Wabantu’s comments about gay people.

On her reality show, Zodwa said gay men “forget that they don’t have vaginas.”

Phat Joe apparently questioned why gay men would not accept how hard it was “for most people to accept their lifestyle”.

Just last week, the radio jock and Anele Mdoda also got into a massive twar after Phat Joe questioned why she was on the Miss SA judging panel.

After a spicy exchange of words, Joe called Anele to apologise.

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