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Siba won’t ‘save the nation’ from Tito’s cooking

Even though his latest lamb curry actually impressed some Twitter users, others still called on Siba Mtongana to intervene

Former Finance Minister Tito Mboweni says we need to have a “little faith” in his cooking as he believes he has gradually improved. However, his latest lamb stew has pressured famous TV chef Siba Mtongana to intervene. 

On Sunday, Mboweni shared his latest dish, a lamb curry, and detailed his cooking process. Staying true to his cooking style, the politician included plenty of garlic, onion and curry powder. 

The final product actually impressed some netizens, as they applauded him for what appeared to be a delicious lamb curry. 

However, some tweeps weren’t as inspired and they tagged Siba to help Mboweni with his cooking skills. This isn’t the first time social media has asked her to lend a helping hand. In April, Siba, well known for her Food Network show Cooking with Siba and her various cookbooks, said people needed to leave her alone and that she didn’t need to intervene. 

“South Africa, yaz please leave me alone. I thought the ‘National State Of Disaster’ ended as soon as the honourable former minister’s cooking improved drastically… No need for intervention from me anymore… Give him some kudos please bahlali… He’s really trying and improving… Or?” she wrote at the time. 

However, while Siba was happy with his latest dish, she was called on once again to give him some lessons. 

“Ok Mzansi, let’s be fair. The former finance minister’s cooking is improving drastically. You gotta have ‘faith’… No need for intervention from me anymore. Besides the size of garlic and onion… give him some kudos please bahlali… He’s really trying and improving. 

“I mean the lamb stew this time around doesn’t look too bad? You would be surprised as the taste could be,” she wrote on Instagram.  

Mboweni has frustrated many foodies on his Twitter account, despite his good intentions to add some light humour with his food content.

His beef stew last year, which had too many tomatoes, peppers and several cloves of garlic, received some humorous comments from Tweeps.

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