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Sisa Mbuli says Uyanda’s engaged

In the dramatic saga that has become Sisa and Uyanda Mbuli's personal life, the businessman has reportedly revealed in his court documents that his estranged wife is on the verge of remarrying.

Sisa divulged the information ahead of the warring couple’s scheduled court appearance on Monday, to deal with a warrant of execution fashion designer Uyanda filed against her husband for failing to cough up R189,311.57 worth of court-ordered maintenance.

From the get-go, Sisa has been resolute that he cannot afford to support Diamond Face Couture founder Uyanda’s lavish lifestyle but he’s now, according to Sunday World, also saying he sees no reason why he should be expected to, seeing as she has a new man in her life. He is also accusing her of playing the court for a fool by claiming she doesn’t have a sufficient income.

In a 29-page document, Sisa apparently states that Uyanda is “in the process of concluding nuptials” with another man.

He further claims that Uyanda is “well maintained and engaged to one KM Mulaudzi”, with whom he says she “[previously] resided, having abandoned the common house and our minor child”, and who she often brought “to my home in my absence”.

The head of marketing at the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Sisa opened up to the newspaper about his claims that Uyanda is duping the judicial system, saying: “She has also been less than candid with the court in claiming a nil income and that she survived on the generosity of friends. She has been using her Porsche Cayman as well as a Mercedes SLK that is registered in the name of a Mukhethwa Family Trust, whose address is the same as that of Mukhethwa Mulaudzi, who is her boyfriend.”

Sisa and Uyanda Mbuli started divorce proceedings back in 2011, but these have been perpetually thwarted by their inability to compromise on the issue of spousal maintenance.

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