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‘Unathi is the reason I’m at Kaya’ – Sizwe Dhlomo comments on Unathi’s dismissal

After refusing to comment, Sizwe Dhlomo took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the break down in his relationship with Unathi Nkayi.

The sudden nature of Unathi Nkayi’s dismissal from Kaya FM has left listeners of the station puzzled since the curt statement issued by Kaya FM management last week. Following a report by City Press alleging that a fight between Unathi and Sizwe Dhlomo was the reason for this, the latter finally broke his silence on the issue. 

Taking to his favourite social media platform, Twitter, on Sunday, Sizwe told his followers that the City Press report was “mostly true.” 

Sunday World published a similar article on Sunday citing “three independent sources,”  that claimed Unathi primarily took issue with Sizwe being late for the segment of her show where she is supposed to throw forward to his show in an effort to give listeners a preview of what to expect. 

According to the publication, she reportedly described him to a friend as “the worst person she had ever worked with” as he was always late, rude, domineering and arrogant. 

His being late is said to have triggered Unathi, resulting in a heated verbal exchange that was somehow recorded by Kaya FM studio microphones. 

She is said to have reported Sizwe to the human resources (HR) department of the company alleging that he had verbally abused her and used the f-word in their exchange. 

He countered her claims using the recording of her exchange resulting in him being exonerated of the claims levelled against him. 

Unathi is then said to have claimed that the audio was manipulated in Sizwe’s favour. The report states that this led to the company taking disciplinary action against her which then resulted in her dismissal.

Sizwe engaged with some of his followers about the reports and in addition to stating that they were mostly true in addition to stating that this turn of events came as a shock to him.

“We did get along, nami [even me] that’s why I was surprised. Do you know that she’s the reason I’m at Kaya? She is literally the one who DMd me [and] asked if she could give Greg my number. So every interaction you heard was sincere,” he tweeted. 

“Regarding the article in the City Press this morning, I’d just like to state that in the context of GBV in our country [and] even on the backdrop of Kaya’s history as an organisation, a false abuse claim is not only malicious to those it’s levelled against but it also delegitimises the claims of thousands of victims whose cases fall apart because of lack of evidence. Such an egregious lie is a highly irresponsible thing to do!” added Sizwe. 

He concluded with the following piece of advice; “Just make sure you’re speaking on facts because kuyonisiza loko [that will help you].”

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