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Oprah, Hillary and Kamala Harris say heartfelt goodbye to Trevor Noah

The Daily Show shared a video of high-profile celebrities saying goodbye and thanking Trevor Noah for his contribution to the American media diaspora. 

Former The Daily Show host Trevor Noah left his successful run at Comedy Central late show, the comedian had an all-cast goodbye. 

The Daily Show shared a video of high-profile celebrities saying goodbye and thanking Trevor for his contribution to the American political and media diaspora. 

Oprah, Hillary, Kamala Harris and more say goodbye to Trevor

Over the last seven years, Trevor Noah has interviewed public figures with much notoriety including recurring guest billionaire Bill Gates, Oprah, former politician Hillary Clinton, vice president Kamala Harris, actress and series creator Issa Rae,  actor Jesse Williams, Tracee Ellis Ross and Nick Offerman. 

The hilarious and heartfelt message starts off with Oprah with a very exacerbate introduction. “Helllllooo Trevor”, she says.  

“You were able to talk to us through some of the most challenging and historic moments of our lives,” she continued to say. 

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Insecure actress and creator Rae said she just wanted to congratulate Trevor for his “amazing run as host of The Daily Show.”

Ross in an animated fashion with a British accent said she wishes him the best for his future endeavours. 

Harris said the South African should be proud of his efforts over the last several years. However, the message went into comedic fashion when the celebrities realised Trevor has helped us out through tough times. 

When he started Trump was elected president in 2016 and then the Covid-19 pandemic was “on his watch.” 

WATCH: Celebs bid Trevor Noah adieu

Trevor Noah thanks black women 

Noah thanked fans who trusted him since day one, sharing that in the earlier days of his show they struggled to fill up the seats. 

However, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’s popularity grew over time but he had a special message for black women. 

“This is random for some, but a special shout out to black women. I’ve often been credited with having these grand ideas and being smart but who do you think teaches me? Who do you think shaped, nourished and formed me?

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