Twitter slams Dineo Ranaka for conversation about Emtee’s manhood

Dineo has come under fire for using the word penis during an interview with Emtee.

Metro FM presenter Dineo Ranaka chatted to rapper Emtee about the images of his private parts he accidentally shared during an Instagram live video. The photos went viral last week, with social media users discussing his manhood for days.

When questioning him about the incident, she used the word penis when referring to his family jewels.

The station’s listeners took to Twitter to complain that it was too early in the day for her to say the word on air, with some going as far as telling her she was being “rude”.

“Penis conversation is inappropriate for a Saturday morning with us listening to the #TOP40 with our kids,” one Twitter user posted. Others threatened to switch to another station.

But Dineo was baffled by their criticism. She said there was nothing wrong with referring to someone’s manhood as a penis because that is exactly what it is.

“Nothing vulgar about calling a penis what it is lala. It is, and will always b, respectfully, a penis! What would u hav preferred I call it?” she tweeted.

Dineo then got into a debate with Twitter users about when it was appropriate for children to know what that part of the body is called.

“Was listening with my 12 year little girl and conversation about penis just rudely invaded my home. There wasn’t a warning before the chat,” one Twitter user replied.

Dineo asked the man what does his daughter know the organ to be called, if penis is not used.

“If you had taken the role of being an open parent your home wouldn’t have felt invaded. I can’t take responsibility for that,” she tweeted.

She seemed to have enough of the back-and-forth arguing and told those who were upset to “please send a complaint to the BCCSA for further investigation” if they think saying penis on radio is out of order.

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