Vuyo Dabula angry over ‘smelly fan’ rumour

Generations: The Legacy's Vuyo Dabula denies reports he refused to give a fan a hug due to their smell

The soapie heartthrob, Vuyo Dabula took to Facebook to explain how disturbed he was about reports that he refused to hug an excited fan at his year’s Metro FM Awards because they were smelly.

The story, initially reported in Drum Magazine indicated that Dabula instructed the fan to first go take a good bath and ensure that they were clean before requesting such physical intimacy.

In an extensive note on the social media platform, the Generation: The Legacy star strongly rubbished the claims.

“I don’t know why you are spreading falsehood about me… Some say it’s for sales. Some say to try and take away the Joop thing. Some say to destroy me. It’s perfectly okay with me… here I am… but you (no inclusion intended)…. you see, to me the word fan is such an injustice, let people be just that, people.

“Don’t reduce folk to the word fans. Are they not mothers and fathers? Are they not brothers and sisters to someone? That’s how I see it and in fact that’s how I expect to be seen and treated… Why not? But we are aware of your recklessness past and present and so I do expect you to stay where you are… take what you want… but my kindness and respect to people stays with me,” Dabula wrote.

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