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WATCH: Minnie tells us how her bae proposed

We should expect a wedding soon, as Minnie says she is not planning to stay engaged for a long time.

Three months after the proposal, Minnie Dlamini has finally let us in on how fiance Quinton Jones proposed to her. In an interview with Real Goboza, she said she had not seen her man in a while because of work when he probably made up his mind to pop the question.

When she returned home, Quinton suggested they take a long drive in to the bush, something they usually do when they want a quiet time together.

“And we drove out to a lake house, and he had all my favorite food and all my favourite stuff in this beautiful house. And then at sunset, he literally was like ‘please give me a glass of champagne’.

“I got the kitchen, poured him a glass, poured myself a glass, and we go outside, and I was just looking outside and thought it was pretty. And he was like ‘baby’, and I was like ‘yes’, and he was like ‘baby!’ and I was like ‘what?!’ and then I turned around, and he was on his knee.

“I was shocked for a while, I was kind of for a moment a bit confused,” she said, mostly because her bae has a tendency of going down on one knee and asking her to marry her whenever he buys her jewellery.

“So at this point I just thought it was a joke, like he bought me jewellery for fun. The box was really big, so I was like, this is not a ring box, you know, probably like earrings or something.”

She called her mother first, then her brothers and father and then her best friend to tell them the news.

Minnie dated Quinton for two years before he proposed and said she was not planning to stay engaged for a long time, so we should expect a wedding very soon.

Watch the full interview below:

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