Die Uitnodiging’s Cato Bekker: ‘At some point we will all require forgiveness’

Die Uitnodiging Season 2 will have viewers sitting at the edge of their seats.

The second season of the kykNET reality programme, Die Uitnodiging starts soon and with the past year reminding us that life is short, viewers can expect a more urgent tone.

Presenter, Cato Bekker says she has always enjoyed talking to people. Through Die Uitnodiging she uses her people skills as an opportunity to act as mediator to hopefully mend some relationships.

Die Uitnodiging highlights the fact that relationships are complex and people make mistakes. Cato says: “If it looks like something we can help with, we travel from home to home and try to determine the cause of conflict and how it is currently influencing [the attendees’] lives. We get to know them and gradually learn more about their relationship with each other. Then we try to work out the best possible way for them to resolve the conflict.” She says that no one is that perfect that they will never make a mistake. “Every one of us will make a mistake in our lives at some point that will require forgiveness.” Then she adds that something special happens when you ask for forgiveness and that even though it might be difficult, it’s worth it.

kykNET contestant uses k-word on live television

The applications that were received for the second season of Die Uitnodiging is said to have had a more urgent tone. “The last year made us realise that life is short and nobody knows what tomorrow might bring.” In the first season, nobody knew what the programme was about. Now, with the filming of the second season, viewers trust us more. And maybe we have a chance now to delve even deeper into the participants’ stories.”

Cato is always nervous when filming episodes for Die Uitnodiging. “As we stand in front of the restaurant, waiting for the limo, it’s always a difficult moment. Every ‘limo minute’ is unique in its own way. Is he going to get out, or not? How many people will be sitting at the table tonight, if any?” But, she says she mostly feels optimistic. “I work with an incredible team that puts in so much. They give their best to make the reconciliations work. I know everything is done with love and that the goal is to bring about lasting reconciliation.”

Fixing relationships is no easy task – especially when it’s done on television. Die Uitnodiging promises relatable, real-life stories not to be missed. View the first episode on kykNET (DStv channel 144) on Thursday, 22 July at 9PM or Tuesday, 27 July at 8PM on kykNET&kie (DStv channel 145).

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