‘Lui maar op, Belinda’ is back with actress Brümilda van Rensburg

Lui maar op, Belinda – boasting laughter and tears – is back.

Lui maar op, Belinda and its string of veteran actors are back on kykNET from the 5th of July and Brümilda van Rensburg says it’s even funnier than the first season.

The first season of Lui maar op, Belinda was broadcast on kykNET in 2019 and the same actors have reunited for a second season of thirteen episodes. Van Rensburg fills the shoes of the witty Belinda and her fellow actors include Annelisa Weiland (Annetjie), Eric Nobbs (Frans), Duncan Johnson (Ian), Wian Taljaard (Dirkie) and Carmen Maarman (Maggie). Van Rensburg says because they’ve gotten to know each other better, shooting the second season was relaxed and a lot of fun. Even though they worked at a very fast pace, she says they were able to feed off each other’s acting.

Lui maar op, Belinda is set in Ian’s hardware shop based in George. Van Rensburg describes Belinda as being a lady with flair, who doesn’t handle change very well. Belinda doesn’t like the fact that she is getting older, but she will always own a tight tiger print skirt. What Brümilda van Rensburg likes most about her character, Belinda is that she always has time for a joke and she has an incredible imagination. “She chooses whether her day is going to be good or bad. She always has that positivity about her.”

In the second season of Lui maar op, Belinda it’s very much about how Belinda grows as a person. In the first season she had lost everything, including her husband, all her money, her status and her friends. She soon realised that fame is not everything. In the end, Belinda (like all of us) just wants to be loved and give love.


Brümilda van Rensburg – who has just finished filming a short film called Ring of Beasts which will be aired in LA and Hungary soon – says two years later Lui maar op, Belinda’s second season’s situations are much funnier. “At first we had to discover our characters and this time the script was written for us.” Playing the role of Louwna in Egoli for eighteen years was one of the main highlights of her career, but she says now it is Belinda, “because she is so versatile and comedy is difficult.” She is convinced that there will also be a third season.

Brümilda van Rensburg in Lui maar op Belinda

Brümilda van Rensburg in her role as Belinda

Annelisa Weiland had to exchange her role as Kate in Suidooster temporarily while playing Annatjie in Lui maar op, Belinda. She says that the Lui maar op, Belinda crew had a lot of fun behind the scenes and that it definitely filters through to the second season’s episodes. “I enjoy my character, Annatjie very much because she is actually the complete opposite of me. She is prude, old-fashioned and a little conservative, but both Annatjie and I can still enjoy a good laugh.”

Watch the second season of Lui maar op, Belinda on kykNET (DStv channel 144) from Monday, 5 July.

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