Fight breaks out between two female contestants on first episode of ‘The Bachelor SA’

Only 20 out of 22 have made it to the next round.

The Bachelor SA returned to Mzansi with a real bang and the reactions on social media were electric. From those swooning over Marc, to the others who had already picked their favourite suitors, the timeline was buzzing on Thursday night.

It’s Valentine’s week and we built up to the big day in the most romantic way possible: by watching the first episode of the new season of The Bachelor SA.

We had been introduced to Marc Buckner a few months prior to the season but on Thursday we got to see him in the flesh (well, sort of!) for the very first time. Can we begin by noting that this hunky model definitely lived up to expectations?

From the first scenes, the timeline was drooling over his chiselled torso, his charming persona and his delightful singing voice.

While Marc might be the star of the show, it’s crazy to think that he was not even the centre of attention last night!

Instead, Mzansi’s viewers were focused on the 22 beautiful young women who would be vying for his affection. There was no time to rest on their laurels, because before the end of the 90-minute premiere, Marc would have to send two of them home.

The gloves are off

Already there seems to be a little bit of tension between the women and the viewers were quick to spot every single moment of it. In fact, Marc was advised to “stay out of the way” when the gloves eventually come off.

And they did! A “fight” broke out between Nolo and Tamaryn during a social session after it was believed that Tamaryn spent a little too much time with Marc.

“Can you pronounce Qiniso?”

Qiniso has already caught the attention of the country, not only because she got a shout out from her famous politician sister (Phumzile van Damme) but because tweeps were curious if some of the non-native-language speakers on the show would be able to pronounce her name correctly (the Q has a strong click).

Marc did quite well, but some of Qiniso’s rivals didn’t quite nail it. When she met Tegan for the very first time, the exchange between the two of them was hilarious.

Early favourites and first impressions

Speaking of Qiniso, she was named as one of this season’s early favourites along with Xia and Silke.

It looks like the viewers were not too far off with their early predictions because not only did all four women above receive roses but Silke received the coveted “First Impression” rose:

In the end, only 20 out of 22 could make it to the next round and Marc had to make a tough decision.

Amor and Michaela were left in tears when Marc said goodbye to them.

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