New video pokes fun at reaction to Beyonce’s Formation

American hit television show Saturday Night Live (SNL) – a satirical sketch show has done it again.

This time with their controversial but hilarious video which features an “Apocalypse now” video starring the cast of the series. The video makes light of the controversy of Grammy Award winning artist Beyonce’s new single Formation. The song has had been the topic of debate over the last week.

The video to the song Formation is filmed in predominantly, Black American neighbourhoods, and alludes to the Black Lives Matter campaign as well as the Black Panthers- a revolutionary, black nationalist party founded in the US. Beyonce’s video has been considered “controversial” by some due to the fact that she has used her art to talk about issues affecting minority groups in the States, something she has not been so vocal about in the past.

The SNL video pokes fun at the controversy surrounding the video and how people have reacted to the singer since the video was released.


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