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By Thami Kwazi

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Play with your food! BlackCoffee, Euphonik and Major League open Workshop55 restaurant

The new eatery and venue is about the international DJs stepping our of their comfort zones.

There’s a new eatery in the town called Workshop 55 owned by Euphonik, BlackCoffee and Major League DJs, and everyone’s invited.

The restaurant/bistro is owned by internationally renowned DJs Black Coffee (Nathi Maphumulo), Euphonik (Themba Nkosi) and the Major League twins (Bandile and Banele Mbere).

The Parktown North bistro is in 7th Avenue, Randburg where many Jozi revellers go to unwind, have an early dinner or simply enjoy a stress-free atmosphere.

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Explaining how the partnership came about, Nkosi said: “Basically, with Covid-19, everyone is experiencing the world differently. I think collaboration is one of the elements that’s going to lead us into the future where we will treat business a little differently.”

The DJs and musicians have always wanted to work together and take their other interests forward. They are all well-travelled and wanted to bring those experiences to South Africa.

They all have a keen interest in food and decided to collaborate at a venue where people can enjoy good sounds and food.

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Nkosi said: “Predominantly, each of us usually shows up at a venue as a DJ, we play our set and leave. We never get involved in the goings on at the venue that we bring people to. This is about stepping out of our comfort zones.”

DJ Fresh playing at Workshop 55. Image : supplied

It’s easy to interact with them at Workshop 55, as there are no barriers between them and their customers. Additionally, Workshop 55 is about providing a space where other DJs can play.

“We have a restaurant that will do supper clubs with some of our chef friends. They will also feature nights with different pop-up dinners and we have a gin bar, as white spirits are hugely popular.

“The venue, the 55 space is open to all customers, with two private premium lounge spaces that can be booked for private events.

“On the opening week, it was already prebooked for a baby shower, music session and music video,” said Nkosi.

Explaining the dynamics of going into a different type of business, he said: “It’s just one of those venues on a smaller scale where we can experiment with a side of uncharted territory that we as musicians have never gone into.”

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Aside from the delicious platters supplied by the Wing Republic and table packages called combos, which include whiskey, Jameson Select Reserve and GH Mumm champagne the restaurant has a brunch menu, which includes a classic breakfast and mimosa cocktails, and late lunch to early evening meals paired with drinks.

It’s easiest to book a table that comes with meals and drinks. The venue’s diverse spaces also include a well-decorated chill bar, a balcony area for smokers and a private area.

The decor is eclectic, with each room having an individual design, with neoclassicism, Art Deco and rustic touches. “It’s not a club, it’s a place for us to express ourselves. But I’ll be playing the music I would play in a club.”

The DJs will be playing on different days and all Covid-19 protocols are observed.

55 7th Avenue, Randburg

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