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Sasha Martinengo will fight any charges stemming from Malema ‘monkey’ incident

The former Hot 91.9FM DJ's lawyer says his client is worried that criminal charges will damage his reputation.

Sasha Martinengo’s lawyer Cliff Alexander says his client will fight any charges that stem from the former Hot 91.9FM DJ being fired from the station for referring to Julius Malema as a “monkey” on live air.

Martinengo later took to Twitter to defend his comments saying that anyone who is disrespectful to a woman is a monkey. The Economic Freedom Fighters say they plan to lay criminal charges against Martinengo for his comments about the party’s leader.

In an interview with 702, Alexander said that his client is worried that the criminal case will damage his reputation.

“The EFF is most welcome to open a criminal, it’s their constitutional right, but also opening a criminal case against anybody will damage your reputation,” Alexander said.

“I think people know that Sasha Martinengo is not a racist. It’s as simple as that,” Alexander said. “He came out, it was on air and he immediately issued a public apology, unreservedly so.”

Alexander said that Martinengo might challenge his dismissal from Hot 91.9FM.

“That is another issue he will take up with labour lawyers and ask for a determination. An opinion will be stated,” Alexander said.

In a statement released yesterday, Hot 91.9FM’s managing director Lloyd Madurai announced the station had “elected to remove Martinengo from all involvement with the radio station with immediate effect,” following the breakfast show host’s comments.

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