Six feel-good artists and illustrators to follow on Instagram

The Good Advice Cupcake offers steely determination for times when you feel down.

Confinement, restrictive rules, social distancing … It’s hard to keep a cool head in the age of the coronavirus.

Between washing your hands and calling your grandparents, here are a few Instagram artists’ accounts you might consider browsing in a bid to keep calm.


Throughout the year, Sydney-based graphic designer Josie Doodles produces hand-drawn comics — “to get away from her computer” — which she publishes on Instagram.

More often than not her adorable little round characters offer inspiring solutions for day-to-day existential worries.


“Cute and motivational drawings to brighten your day!”

Little plump animals set the tone for this account which offers gently humorous advice for everyday life.

In a recent publication, chibird presents a typology of six stay-at-home characters including a chick at rest, a house-cleaning hedgehog and a penguin who enjoys hobbies and finding things to do.


A breath of beauty offered by Claire Ritchie. On her Instagram the Brisbane-based artist offers a host of joyful and colourful works.


From her Parisian apartment, Léa Maupetit posts naive and poetic images about her day-to-day life.


Heading over to New York, Jeremyville also offers inspiring messages for times of trouble.


Definitely one of our favourites, the Good Advice Cupcake teaches you to look on the bright side whenever you feel down.

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