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Stars defend Adele against cultural appropriation criticism

Singer Adele posed in a Jamaican bikini and a Bantu knots hairstyle on her Instagram to pay homage to the annual Notting Hill Carnival that takes place in her hometown, London.

Much to the delight and dislike of many, American fans accused the singer of cultural appropriation while British fans were pleased and unbothered. This could be because British fans understood the significance of the outfit and didn’t take offense. Many Jamaican fans said they had bigger problems than Adele’s choice of hairstyle and ensemble.

The British event is a celebration of Britain’s West Indian population, during which revellers take to the streets of Kensington in London to celebrate their heritage and island culture. It is also held across several Caribbean islands including the Bahamas and Barbados. Adele posted the caption ‘Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, this year’s festivities took place remotely.

The singer lives in Los Angeles and posted her outfit from there.

While Americans took offense to her Bantu knot hairstyle, they may not be informed that the singer was raised in the Kensington area and around the Jamaican culture.

British celebrities and Jamaicans welcomed the post. Model Naomi Campbell praised the post, along with other celebrities.

Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy lambasted a person who criticized Adele with this response on Twitter:

“Poppycock! This humbug completely misses the spirit of Notting Hill Carnival and the custom of ‘gown up’ or ‘masquerade’ Adele was born and raised in Tottenham she will get it greater than most. Thanks, Adele. Neglect the Haters.”

Actress Zoe Saldana wrote: “You look right at home guurrrl”, while US comedian Chelsea Handler commented: “Oh, yeah, baby!”

British English singer-songwriter Alexandra Burke additionally caught up for Adele, telling the BBC’s Carnival tribute present: “I see the pic. She seems to be sizzling. She’s clearly been engaged on her physique, that for me is a giant deal. She’s wanting good”.

Adele’s fans reacted saying: “b_boyz52 @damopainter for sure but when our culture is being stolen and turned into a trend when white kids do it but ghetto when we do it’s a problem Adele appreciates culture but people like Kim k, and other celebrities ion know the name of have tried so many times it’s sad and that’s what I have a problem with appreciation of culture is always a good thing but some people don’t know the difference between the 2.”

@theswampzombie wrote: “Anyone who has ever been to carnival will know that this is how nearly every woman there dresses. Carnival is about celebrating a culture. This pic of #Adele is nothing more than that. Stop trying to cancel everyone when all they are doing is cultural appreciation not appropriation”.

Well-known Jamaican musician Popcaan posted a fist emoji and a love coronary heart, and Westworld actress Tessa Thompson commented with a flame emoji, while Candice-Cart Williams referred to Adele as an honorary Jamaican.

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