Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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13 Oct 2021
11:18 am

Afrikaans version of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ set to air on kykNET soon

Renate Engelbrecht

A recent visit to the set of me show, 'Wie word ’n miljoenêr?' proves that kykNET's latest game show is nothing short of world class.

Rian van Heerden as presenter of 'Wie word ’n miljoenêr?'. Picture: Supplied

Viewers can look forward to some exciting quiz nights with KykNET’s super exciting, 13-episode game show, Wie word ’n miljoenêr? soon to be aired.

The game show will have you guessing with contestants, watching in anticipation as they attempt to win R1 million, sponsored by Lottostar from Wednesday, 27 October.

KykNET has acquired the rights to produce and air the Afrikaans version of the popular Who wants to be a millionaire.

After the first episodes – produced by Red Pepper Productions at Atlantic Studios in Cape Town – were approved, kykNET was given the green light with licence holder, Sony, saying the Afrikaans version’s set, execution and presenter is world-class.

The challenging game show has become popular in various countries worldwide over the years and the producers and viewers are excited about it being aired on kykNET in Afrikaans for the very first time.

With that comes an impressive, top-quality set for Wie word ’n miljoenêr? complete with a twirling stage, striking, individually computer-driven lights and perfect on-screen views. The set, which was anticipated to take six months to build, was built in a mere two months while simultaneously taking into account the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic’s lockdown regulations.

The world-class Wie word ’n miljoenêr set
The world-class ‘Wie word ’n miljoenêr?’ set. Picture: Supplied

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Wie word ’n miljoenêr? will be presented by well-known radio and TV presenter, Rian van Heerden, who underwent a rather rigorous audition process himself. He will often keep contestants (and viewers) wondering about their answers and the show will undoubtedly bring some friendly competition and tension to SA screens.

Rian says being the presenter of the show poses a unique challenge for him.

“With Wie word ’n miljoenêr? it’s only myself and a single contestant for a big part of an episode, while simultaneously you need to be the person’s friend and quiz master.”

According to the talented presenter, the tension created in each Wie word ’n miljoenêr? episode is what will be key to the show’s success. That, and also the strict security measures that have been put into place to protect the integrity of the show.

According to executive producer Cecil Barry, no one is allowed to know who formulates the questions, while the game and quiz computer is locked in a high-security room, which only the operator, auditor and producer have access.

Behind the scenes of Wie word ’n miljoenêr
Behind the scenes. Image: Supplied

Barry says they’ve had thousands of people entering Wie word ’n miljoenêr? and that the selection process ensured that they included contestants of various ages, races and genders.

Now, the only question is: Who will be the millionaire?