Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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12 Nov 2021
4:35 pm

‘Wat is Waarheid’: Where did the Covid-19 virus really come from?

Renate Engelbrecht

Last night on kykNET’s documentary programme, ‘Wat is Waarheid’, the subject of the origin of Covid-19 was discussed and if there is one thing that stood out, it is that blaming is not the answer.

Covid-19 virus secrets discussed on 'Wat is Waarheid'. Picture: iStock

While most experts say that the Covid-19 is a disease we know how to prevent and treat, there are some who believe that it has yet to be isolated.

Michael Southwood spoke at the New World Order Conference this year, saying we are facing a crisis in the country, believing there is a virus that is killing everyone, living in fear, believing that we’re going to die. He says he is in all the townships all the time, never wears a mask and has never been ill.

“They are using fear to control us right now,” he says.

He believes through our compliance to the Covid-19 restrictions and regulations, we are being enslaved, comparing it to Adolf Hitler and the Jews, and he says it is because of fear for the virus that we are dying.

Dr Herman Edeling, a neurosurgeon from Johannesburg, agrees and says scientists have not been given access to the Covid-19 virus to do research on it.

“There is a secrecy and a withholding of information,” he says.

On the other hand, Dr Michelle Groome from the National Institute for Transmittible Diseases, says: “We have been able to isolate the SARS-CoV-2 virus and we know exactly what it looks like, and we are able to grow it and do tests to be able to see how the virus would react in different situations.”

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Where does Covid-19 really come from, Dr?

Dr Jantjie Taljaard, from the faculty of medicine and health sciences at the University of Stellenbosch, says they know exactly what the genetic fingerprint of the virus is, which is what made it possible for the medical world to create vaccines as quickly as possible. He also says the theory that gets the most attention in the medical world is that the virus is a natural virus that came from a bat.

Dr Adam Cruise, an environmental journalist who recently wrote the book, It’s not about the bats, says we get diseases from animals because as humans, we eat meat.

Others believe the virus was produced in a laboratory. Professor Maryna Blomerus, a metaphysics expert, has been doing a lot of research on the origin of the virus and refers to biologist Bret Weinstein’s suggestion that the virus already knew all its tricks as it broke out in China.

According to Blomerus, he says a virus that developed overnight and knows all its tricks is a monster from a fantasy.

Groome says they are able to map out all the genes in the virus and that there would have been an indication that they could see if the virus had been manmade.

Francois Malan, the head admin of the Facebook group, Watchdog SA, says he believes the Covid-19 virus was developed as a biological weapon and that it originally came from America.

Jannie Meyer, national head of Swart Maandag on Facebook, says he believes the Americans and the Chinese worked together to unsettle Donald Trump and America.

He says: “The initial producers of this virus are trying to hide the truth from us.”

Dr Susan Anandale, a paediatrician from Vredenburg, says while they as doctors try to get the coronavirus under control, these conspiracy theories make their work very difficult.

Was lockdown really necessary?

Dr Tros Bekker from Pretoria North says lockdown was unnecessary and he even wrote a book about it, called Covid Pandemic (Worldwide Crisis Conspiracy). According to him, lockdowns and masks don’t help.

Professor Salim Abdool Karim, an epidemiologist from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, says as a scientist he has always promoted healthy scepticism, but what is being promoted now, is not healthy.

“It’s misinformation,” he says.

Karim sums it up in saying: “Blame Jeff Bezos, blame Bill Gates, pick who you want. That’s not going to solve the problem.”

Watch kykNET’s documentary programme, Wat is waarheid, next week for insights on the Covid-19 vaccinations.