Kaunda Selisho
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9 Dec 2021
1:55 pm

A proposal, a fire and ‘umemulo’: Viewers react to ‘The Wife’

Kaunda Selisho

The events of 'The Wife' took a fast-paced turn this week with a pivotal event in every episode. Check out what viewers had to say.

Mbalenhle Mavimbela plays Hlomu on Showmax telenovela 'The Wife'. Picture: Instagram

Showmax seems to have a hit on their hands with The Wife because, despite the fact that new episodes are released at midnight on Thursday, the show always finds itself trending early on Thursday mornings.

Episodes 13-15 of The Wife dropped this week and fans have been sharing their reactions to social media since midnight.

Episode 13 picks up directly after the aftermath of last week’s foiled heist that saw one of the youngest Zulu brothers suffer a grave injury.

Elsewhere, the Majola brothers are revelling in the glory of their revenge against the Zulu brothers – an act that drives a wedge between the brothers, who end up suspecting their own brother of acting against them.

This episode of The Wife also sees Hlomu return home with Mqhele after hiding out at her parents’ house for a few days after he first beat her.

In the books written by Dudu Busani-Dube, Mqhele doesn’t stop beating Hlomu after the first time it happened and fans have been anxiously waiting to find out if the show will follow through with that particular part of the storyline.

Viewers also get to see Hlomu get back on the trail of the people orchestrating the heists, not knowing that it’s the family she plans to marry into.

In an effort to make amends, Mqhele starts to lavish Hlomu with expensive gifts all while Qhawe tries to figure out what is going on between the two lovers.

Hlomu’s ex-boyfriend, Sandile, also make another appearance, trying once again to win back Hlomu’s affections.

Take a look at what happens next:

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