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4 May 2022
1:35 pm

Somizi breaks silence over ‘fisting’ claims, Mohale entitled to 50% of estate

Kaunda Selisho

In the latest episode of Living The Dream With Somizi (LTDWS), the Idols SA judge candidly addresses fisting claims, his sex life and divorce.

Living The Dream With Somizi (LTDWS) star Somizi Mhlongo | Picture: Twitter

While most celebrities shy away from the low points in their lives, reality star Somizi Mhlongo jumped straight into it with the new season of his show Living The Dream With Somizi (LTDWS).

Episode one of season five opens with footage from his wedding special before showing the show’s star in a diary session recapping what happened in his life since the last season.

It is these events that will form the focus of LTDWS season five that is currently live on Showmax.

The first episode starts with Somizi listening, for the first time, to the leaked audio of Mohale’s abuse allegations.

This is followed by a frank video call with Vusi Nova, where they discuss how Somizi feels and some of Mohale’s claims about Somizi’s sex life.

According to Showmax, this sets the tone for an explosive LTDWS episode, which also features Lockdown star Lorcia Cooper asking Somgaga directly, “Did you hit him?”.

In addition to putting the details of his marriage front and center, more of the people in Somizi’s life will feature on this season.

In addition to Lorcia Cooper and Vusi Nova, the mother of his child, Palesa Madisakwane will feature more prominently in this season as well as his daughter who looks to officially change her surname.

Somizi reacts to Mohale’s infamous audio

Within the first five minutes of LTDWS, Somizi states exactly what he thinks of the audio being leaked and what was said. 

“In my view, he was probably promised money in exchange for a special of some sort so he probably wanted to check what the content would be because he wouldn’t have content without me…”

He added that there were so many red flags in their relationship, giving examples of instances in which Mohale would stop speaking to him or leave their home whenever he was upset.

Somizi also addressed the allegations regarding their sex life explaining that their sex life was “dead” and he made certain suggestions in an effort to ensure that they had a sex life, which to him, is an important part of marriage.

The reality star also claims that he even attempted to get therapy for his husband who did not enjoy sex.

He denied having a fisting fetish and said that the allegations about this bothered him even more about the assault allegations which almost led to him “losing everything” in terms of his career.

We then cut to diary footage of Vusi Nova stating, matter-of-factly, that he did not like Mohale and only tolerated him for the sake of his friend Somizi.

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Despite all this honesty and openness, viewers do no get much of an answer regarding the abuse allegations except for the answer he gave Lorcia; “All I can say is that it takes two to tango… For me the biggest issue is that if I’m going to wake up and say I’m innocent all the way, it means I was masturbating all this time. I’m in the relationship on my own, so for me, that’s the issue.”

He went on to say it’s not about whether or not he hit him but about the fact that “people look at the reaction and not what caused the reaction.”

This is a statement that can be considered a red flag for many, especially those who remember Somizi’s past conviction and how they believe he has faced no consequences for this. 

Later on in the show, Palesa and Bahumi meet to discuss what has been going on with Somizi and they share a little bit of their perspective in his relationship and why they were worried with him.

LTDWS viewers then find out that Somizi and Mohale never signed a marriage certificate or any other kind of documentation to officiate their union civilly and that their separation will be dealt with customarily. 

This is explained to Somizi by Attorney Hopwell Sathekge who also informs Somizi that the nature of their marriage entitles Mohale to 50% of Somizi’s estate. 

Later on in the episode, Bahumi opens up about how her father’s relationship and marriage made her feel unwanted because he shut her out.

Her perspective on how and who her father is, is jarringly honest and as an avid reality TV viewer, I can attest to the fact that reality stars tend to skirt around such issues and still present messy matters in the neatest way possible.

Overall, the first episode of LTDWS was an entertaining one and the season looks primed to be a successful one for Showmax. 

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