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19 May 2022
2:39 pm

5 streaming platforms to binge watch your favourites on this winter

Renate Engelbrecht

If you’re one for fireplaces, cuddly blankets, Milo and movies, this one’s for you. Watch oldies and brand-new favourites on these five streaming platforms this winter.

Binge watch on these streaming platforms. Image: iStock

With content being the number one trend these days, it’s often hard to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to the various streaming platforms out there.

What initially seemed to be an easy choice between Netflix and Showmax has now become a rather difficult decision, with numerous platforms offering all kinds of content to watch.

Jaco Joubert, the brand manager for SKYWORTH, says there are a host of services popping up, offering ground-breaking content. That includes Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ and Disney +, which was launched yesterday.

Here is what to watch on which platform:


The Pentaverate

Binge watch this comedy and see how Shrek and Austin Powers star Mike Meyers takes on an illuminati-style conspiracy. He plays eight different roles in The Pentaverate.

Stranger Things

In part 1 of the fourth season, the 80s fantasy show turns the Cold War upside down. The fourth season will be dropping in two batches – part 1 on 27 May and part 2 on 1 July.


This series is centred around Wednesday Addams of the Addams Family during her high school years and every episode is directed by Tim Burton. In the series, Wednesday (played by Jenna Ortega) masters psychic powers, stops a killing spree and solves a supernatural mystery. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the role of Morticia.



Yellowjackets is back for a second season and follows the story of a 90s-era high school soccer team. After a plane crash en route to a championship game, the team had to do what they had to to survive in the wilderness for 19 months. Binge watch this series and see them check in with the survivors as adults, which uncovers the fact that not everyone is entirely truthful about what went down in the woods.

Somebody Somewhere

Bringing viewers a true experience, Bridgett Everett shines as a woman who is trying to find grace and acceptance amid grief and sadness. The series is raw and unfiltered, offering viewers both drama and comedy at the same time.

Amazon Prime and Apple TV
Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Image: iStock

Apple TV+

Shining Girls

A depression-era drifter discovers a portal to other time periods, but in order to get the right mojo, he has to kill ‘shining girls’. Things get real when Elisabeth Moss fights back in the 80s time period.


Director and executive producer, Ben Stiller, and creator, Dan Erickson, will have viewers on the edge of their seats with Severance. Starring Adam Scott as an office worker whose colleagues have their memories surgically divided between their work and personal lives, the experiment in work-life balance hides a dark secret.


Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway star in this Silicon Valley success story turned disaster, portraying the oddball founders of WeWork.


Moon Knight

Marvel kicks off their darkest, wildest chapter yet with the introduction of the anti-hero, Marc Spector, who is also known as Moon Knight. He is possessed by ancient moon god, Khonshu, and struggles with multiple identities. You can binge watch this on the newly launched Disney+.

Pam and Tommy

This is a resurrection of the 90s sensationalism and a scandal that defined the 30 years that followed.

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Disney+. Image: iStock
Disney+. Image: iStock

Amazon Prime

The Devil’s Hour

Lucy (played by Jessica Raine) wakes at 3:33am each morning, right in the middle of Devil’s Hour. Think murder sprees, haunted homes and more.

As we see it

In this heartful, honest series, viewers get to follow three autistic young adults making their way in the world with the help of their aide. It serves as proof that there is a willingness to bring life on the spectrum into the mainstream.

Whether you’re looking for horror or heart-warming series, these five streaming platforms should have you all set for this winter’s binge-watching sprees.