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When and how to watch Miss World SA

Things are getting exciting as the Miss World SA competition kicks off. Here's where and when you can watch the entire show... and the contestants.

SABC 3 has partnered with Miss World South Africa event, happening at the State Theatre in Pretoria on 28 October.

This beauty contest, hosted by Minnie Dlamini, will be shown live on SABC 3 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

After many months of auditions across all nine provinces, 12 contestants have been selected to compete in the Miss World South Africa final.

The road to the Miss World title

The winner will represent South Africa at the Miss World title competition to be held in India on 9 December.

These 12 contestants will take part in various challenges, showcasing their talents, sports skills, and charity work, all to prove they can be outstanding ambassadors for change, not just in the national competition but beyond.

The Miss World South Africa winner will join contestants from more than 130 countries for the 71st Miss World pageant, celebrating beauty, diversity, and empowerment.

The judging panel for Miss World South Africa includes Realeboga Malatji, a pharmacist, singer, actress, and former beauty queen, Dr. Rolene Strauss, Miss South Africa 2014 and Miss World 2014, along with other respected individuals.

Meet the top 12 Miss World South Africa contestants

Alyssa Joan Smith (26)

Alyssa Joan Smith. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Alyssa Joan Smith. Picture: Missworldsa.com

Alyssa, who is 26 and from KwaZulu-Natal, is a lawyer admitted to the High Court. She is passionate about volunteering and supporting community projects.

If she wins the Miss World South Africa pageant, she says she wants to showcase the diverse culture of our country to the world.

Alyssa started the Webber Wentzel Leadership Programme, which helps young people by giving them guidance and support.

She is also involved in committees that work on making sure everyone is treated fairly at work and in society. Alyssa joined these committees to help businesses focus on important goals for a better future.

“The work I have been able to do and continue through these initiatives, has allowed me to align the skills I have acquired through law with my core values and seize opportunities in a way that builds our country and its community from a unique perspective,” says Alyssa.

Bonolo Motau (25)

Bonolo Motau. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Bonolo Motau. Picture: Missworldsa.com

Bonolo, a 25-year-old with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Johannesburg, is a strong advocate for the worldwide empowerment of women in social, academic, and economic aspects.

The name “Bonolo” signifies gentleness in Setswana, reflecting her values of kindness, love, and hard work.

She has committed herself to being a driving force for significant improvements in the education, financial, and social well-being of women and young people.

“I believe that our forefathers fought the battle of segregation and now it is our generation’s time to fight the battle of access to education and high unemployment,” she says.

“I plan to use the title to assist government in using my initiative to provide access, information and guidance for underprivileged youths to tertiary education. I also plan to do my bit in addressing the issue of low income to middle class youth who do not qualify for national financial aid, through creating bursaries to assist them in gaining access to higher learning institutions and a chance at debt-free completion,” says Bonolo.

“I dream of a nation where prosperity is shared by all, where educational opportunities abound, and where every individual can access the tools, they need to flourish. In this vision, the resilience of the South African people shines as a beacon of hope for a united and prosperous future,” she says.

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Dr Moratwe Masima (27)

Dr Moratwe Masima. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Dr Moratwe Masima. Picture: Missworldsa.com

Moratwe, a 26-year-old medical doctor from Gauteng, is deeply passionate about healthcare, especially reproductive and women’s health.

She is completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health while serving in a public hospital.

Moratwe has also founded the “Your Health, Your Dignity” foundation and has worked with organisations like Dream Girls Academy to mentor girls from underprivileged backgrounds, who are interested in healthcare careers.

She is an ambassador for Toys4Africa, which supports the well-being of young children. She is involved with Marotholi Outreach, providing healthcare through mobile clinics.

“I am a young woman who has chosen to dedicate her life and skills to be of service to her community and her country through my career. I believe that it is imperative that the focus is put back on good role models for the youth, and I believe that Miss World South Africa epitomises what it means to utilise Beauty for a Purpose,” she says.

Mphoentle Plaatjie (26)

Mphoentle Plaatjie. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Mphoentle Plaatjie. Picture: Missworldsa.com

“This country was built on the shoulders of women like my matriarchs. Now it is my turn to pick up the baton, play my part and contribute to our country,” says Mphoentle, a 26-year-old Master of Law holder from Vereeniging.

Mphoentle was inspired by a visit to the United Nations from a young age and is devoted to improving the lives of South Africans. She works as an ESG & Sustainable Business Specialist and actively engages with local organisations.

She’s recognised as an SDG Young Innovator for 2023 and was part of the Vodacom Youth Council in 2022, focusing on innovative solutions for a better future.

Mphoentle is also a dedicated volunteer with more than nine years of service at the Tshepong Care Centre, as well as involvement with the Vodacom Foundation and Connect for Good, where she contributes to initiatives like meal packing and construction.

Zoalize Jansen van Rensburg (17)

Zoalize Jansen van Rensburg. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Zoalize Jansen van Rensburg. Picture: Missworldsa.com

Zoalize dreams of becoming a world leader who can uplift both South Africa and the world. She sees the Miss World pageant as the beacon of hope to make her dreams a reality.

“If I were to win the prestigious Miss World title, it would act as a testament that the only person who can kill your dream is yourself. I want to encourage our youth to believe in their capabilities, dare to dream, and be loud about the causes close to their hearts,” says Zoalize, from Pretoria, Gauteng.

“For us to be the leaders of tomorrow, we need someone to invest in us today. I am investing in myself now, and I would be so honoured to take hands with the world to invest in others because our future looks brighter together,” she says.

The 17-year-old with ambitions of becoming a political scientist, and holding an IGCSE-level Cambridge certificate, expressed that her participation in the Miss World South Africa pageant was a realisation of her dream and mission to advocate young leadership.

She has actively contributed to and gained experience from numerous nonprofit organisations involved in social activism, including POWA, CANSA, Arms of Mercy, Joburg Child Welfare, Eclatant Tolle, Bracelets of Hope, Beyoutifulbefly, PWRUP, and the Power to You Foundation.

Sasha-Lee Taylor (27)

Sasha-Lee Taylor. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Sasha-Lee Taylor. Picture: Missworldsa.com

Sasha-Lee, based in Gauteng, is a business owner, published author, and passionate philanthropist dedicated to education and youth development.

Her desire to make a difference started early, and she has been actively involved in helping others since high school. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences with majors in Psychology and Marketing.

Sasha-Lee’s “Learn to Read, Learn to Lead” campaign aims to promote literacy by providing learning materials to resource-deficient areas and schools.

This initiative, which included educational books authored and illustrated by her sister, was made possible through collaborations with organisations such as the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and Child Welfare Tshwane Fund.

Her “Beauty with a Purpose” campaign focuses on offering quality education and resources to underserved communities.

Sasha-Lee believes education is the cornerstone of positive change, providing equal opportunities and breaking the cycle of poverty while enabling individuals to contribute meaningfully to society.

“Together let us create a future where beauty transcends physical appearance and transforms lives,” says Sasha-Lee.

Claude Mmakgaka Mashego (24)

Claude Mmakgaka Mashego. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Claude Mmakgaka Mashego. Picture: Missworldsa.com

Should she be crowned Miss World, Claude’s aim is to establish a network of youthful leaders and community advocates in South Africa and throughout the African continent through her nonprofit organisation, the Young Leaders Network.

“For me, pageants have always been about finding a platform that gives one an opportunity and resources to be a community builder, finding my corner and brightening so much that my light inspires the next person to the same in their corner,” said Claude.

Claude collaborates with the Maripi-Orhovelani Alumni Organisation (MOAO), a nonprofit founded by former students of Orhovelani High School, her alma mater.

Together, they undertake several initiatives aimed at enhancing the school beyond its previous achievements and empowering students and the neighboring communities.

Her aspiration is to witness a reduction in inequality and the complete elimination of poverty. She envisions equal access to high-quality education and healthcare services for all citizens in the country.

Asande Mchunu (24)

Asande Mchunu. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Asande Mchunu. Picture: Missworldsa.com

“I have always had a love for the development, upliftment, and evolution of others. My passion lies in the development and upliftment of the youth – specifically adolescent girls and young women,” says Asande.

Based in Gqeberha, the 24-year-old is pursuing an Honours degree in Integrated Communication Science.

Asande has a strong passion for community service. For the past decade, she has volunteered as a teacher at a local modeling school, empowering hundreds of young women.

She also dedicates her weekends to the Grab & Go Foundation, providing assistance to the homeless. In addition, she collaborates with organisations such as Sinethemba Children’s Home and Cheshire Home, contributing to her local community.

Luyanda Mbhamali (26)

Luyanda Mbhamali. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Luyanda Mbhamali. Picture: Missworldsa.com

Luyanda, aged 26 and hailing from Durban, defines herself as “a woman with a passion that outshines her fears”.

“I believe that I was raised for a time such as this, where I can use my voice and exercise that power to stand up and command change,” says Luyanda.

Michelle, who holds a BCom in Supply Chain & Operations Management and works as a Supply Chain and Ethical Compliance specialist for one of South Africa’s major retailers during the day, is also the creator of a social outreach campaign known as “A Little More”.

The primary objective of this campaign is to empower underprivileged youth. So far, “A Little More” has successfully carried out various projects, including a stationary drive, and it aspires to support a school in establishing a library.

“My passion deeply lies within the social and economic welfare of our country. I’m ready to accept the responsibility that comes beyond the prestigious title itself. I’m passionate about seeking opportunities that will yield economic growth and simultaneously bring social cohesion,” she says.

Zoë Naidu (23)

Zoë Naidu. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Zoë Naidu. Picture: Missworldsa.com

“Seizing issues of disparity, takes a nation. With my country behind me, we can accelerate inclusivity, representation, and equality,” says Zoë, 23, from Durban.

Zoë, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Health Science in Chiropractic, aims to utilise this opportunity to inspire and uplift others.

“Everyone deserves to be heard. Any platform afforded to me, allows me to step into being the voice to the voiceless,” she says.

Zoë is deeply committed to engaging with local communities and contributes by organising food and clothing donations, visiting orphanages and frail-care centres. Additionally, she is actively involved in a project centred around promoting inclusivity.

Motheo Mokoto (25)

Motheo Mokoto. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Motheo Mokoto. Picture: Missworldsa.com

“I intend to use this platform for the betterment of women and girls in vulnerable communities through education and advocacy,” says Motheo, 24, a User Experience Designer, who is passionate about ending period poverty.

Originating from Mahikeng in the Northwest, Motheo possesses a BCom Honours degree in Strategic Brand Management. Her strong motivation comes from her aspiration to empower the youth.

“I want to change behaviours, attitudes as well as shift social norms around period poverty and sexual education by increasing awareness and knowledge. I have been driving this initiative through the development and facilitation of menstrual workshops in communities in and around Mahikeng. I believe the Miss World South Africa title will amplify my efforts,” she further states.

Motheo is an engaged community member who contributes by providing tutoring for young people at her local church, organising workshops on menstrual hygiene, and donating school supplies.

Munei Tsanwani (25)

Munei Tsanwani. Picture: Missworldsa.com
Munei Tsanwani. Picture: Missworldsa.com

Munei, aged 25 and hailing from Limpopo, works as a Clinical Data Analyst and is driven by a mission to address the issue of unemployment.

“My dream is to empower as many young people as possible by providing them with the right education, employment opportunities, and fostering an entrepreneurial mind-set,” says Munei.

“My experiences have taught me to be more empathetic, and my education has given me tools to advocate the issues closest to our hearts, like unemployment,” she continues.

Munei, with a Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Biochemistry, is also a co-founder of the Alfred Kutama Foundation. This organisation has previously provided aid to underprivileged families in remote rural areas of Venda by offering grocery donations during the holiday season.

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