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WATCH: Kaya FM’s Thomas and Skhumba talk being woke and black radio

The dynamic duo talk about their morning show and their views on woke culture and podcasts.

Since the announcement of Thomas and Skhumba in the Morning on Kaya FM the dynamic duo have been praised for their morning show.

Radio personality and legend Thomas Msengana and comedy star Skhumba Hlophe have already cemented themselves as a formidable team on the airwaves. The pair told The Citizen the response had been amazing.

Skhumba coming from his popular weekly Friday show on Kaya FM says it has been an “honour” to appear on Kaya FM.

“Being here is just an honour. Just being in this building for someone like me, for where I came from, the opportunities are scarce. I am grateful for being here.”

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The chemistry between the two is electric outside the studios as well and the two just understand each other.

Watch the full interview below:

This video is no longer available.

“I don’t care. Can you imagine waking up to someone I am not. Me, pretend?”
He says if he disagrees with President Cyril Ramaphosa, he will say so. Co-host Thomas says it is important how you say it.
On the topic of podcasts, Thomas says he doesn’t mind them, podcasters are able to speak their minds however they want.
“I am worried about my 10-year-old son hearing swearing because you are not thinking at what you are saying. Podcasts are just about swearing, how much vulgarity you can throw. Where is the art behind this? With us in this medium, we need to think clearly about saying the same thing  way you would like to, but how you say it.”
Thomas says he respects the likes of MacG and Sol Phenduka and what they have done. However he is worried the platform is being used for shock value.
“It seems with shock jocks, the more you can shock people, the more views you get.”
The pair want to leave a legacy for the next generation and “great black radio.” To find out more about what Thomas and Skhumba had to say, watch the video above.

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