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Police called in to deal with unruly students

Unruly pupils descend on station in Dinwiddie.

About 600 pupils, who were travelling by train last Tuesday, conducted themselves in an extremely rowdy and unruly manner.

This is according to the Germiston SAPS, after the children caused havoc at Union Station in Dinwiddie, at about 1.30pm.

The police do not know why the pupils acted in such a manner.

Germiston SAPS members arrived on scene at 1.40pm, and it took 20 minutes to calm the students before they dispersed.

According to the GCN’s sister newspaper, the Alberton Record, about 60 students then made their way through Alberton towards Thokoza.

They walked from Verwoerd Park towards New Redruth and then on to Thokoza.

Siske van Niekerk, a journalist at the Alberton Record, said that no misbehaviour had been reported to the Alberton SAPS.

However, she viewed CCTV footage which showed a group of about 30 pupils at the gate of a nursery school.

According to one of the teachers at the school, two students requested water from staff at the school.

“After the two had received some water, more pupils made their way to the gate and made such a commotion, that we decided it would be better to move the young children to their classrooms, as we were fearful of the large group pulling on the gates,” said the teacher who wanted to remain anonymous.

The teacher added that a lot of the students looked a lot older than high school students.

Staff members pressed the panic button and their security company arrived and asked the pupils to leave.

There was no damage to the property, but the teacher said that if the students asked for some water in an orderly manner, they would have helped them with pleasure.

However, she described a scene of pupils being unruly, rowdy and making smaller children uncomfortable.

The pupils told the nursery school teacher that they were busy striking for iPads.

According to the Alberton police, the group of pupils were escorted home, in order to avoid any problems.

The problems in both areas came after the Congress of South African Students (Cosas) held an illegal march in Johannesburg, earlier in the day.

The pupils met at the Johannesburg Liberty Gardens and then marched to the offices of the Gauteng Premier and the Gauteng Department of Education.

The department received a number of reports of looting by members of Cosas during the march.

It is not known if these students had been part of the illegal march.

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