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The DA feels weather-related disasters could have been avoided

After a series of damaging storms ripped through Ekurhuleni the DA has urged the metro to address water drainage issues.

The DA in the metro has urged the metro to urgently improve the city’s storm water drainage system.

This comes after a series of violent storms ripped through Ekurhuleni, damaging properties and vehicles.

The DA feels that had these issues been addressed earlier, some of the damages sustained in the recent storms could have been prevented.

The political party commends the community, SAPS and the Ekurhuleni Emergency Services for the role they played during these trying times.

“The community stood together, while nature raged around them.

“Helping hands were offered as people caught in the floods tried desperately to escape, tears were shed as innocent victims were swept away.

“Our brave men and women from the SAPS and Ekurhuleni Emergency Services did everything they could to assist those stranded and they should be commended for their bravery,” said Clr Nicola da Silva

This is not the first disaster to hit Ekurhuleni in recent months and the DA believes it won’t be the last.

“We need to ensure that our communities have the necessary support when Mother Nature strikes a blow,” Da Silva said.

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