Cat show a ‘purr-fect’ opportunity to celebrate felines

Cat lover and revered all breeds judge wants to celebrate all felines, no matter their breed or pedigree.

Growing up in Gqeberha, Ingrid de Wet spent her childhood dreaming of having a fluffy feline companion.
She bargained and begged but her mother’s decision was final; no cats allowed.

After completing her teaching degree, Ingrid created a little home of her own and soon welcomed a Persian kitten to her abode.

“I was giddy with excitement. I was living on my own and launching my career as an educator.

“I waited patiently to receive my fluffy bundle of joy from a breeder in Johannesburg,” said the Cat Fanciers’ Club of South Africa (CFC) breed council secretary.

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“I was 21 and living my dream. With a loving kitty curled up on my lap I immersed myself in reading up about the breed. I was intrigued by their unique traits and genetics. My curiosity soon introduced me to the world of cat shows.”

Having completed her entry form, Ingrid arrived at the show clutching her feline carrier.

Whispering words of encouragement to her purring puss, she steadied her nerves, not realising how an entry into a single show would change the trajectory of her life.

“The world of cat shows sunk its claws into me. Soon I was volunteering my time as a steward or taking on any required show tasks,” said Ingrid, while gently stroking one of her prized mollies.

“Learning about the various breeds through judging, and the intricacies of breeding piqued my interest. Genetics, husbandry and genealogy soon became my exclusive areas of interest.”

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After 10 years of dedicated studies, Ingrid became a reputable ethical Persian breeder, an esteemed all-breeds cat show judge and an active CFCSA member, which forms part of the Southern African Cat Council and World Cat Council.

“Being an ethical breeder is about more than understanding your animals’ reproductive cycles,” said Ingrid.

“You have to understand how genes will affect the litter, kitten size, colouring and, most importantly, guarding against disease and disabilities.

“My cats are not breeding machines, they are valued members of my family. They are loved for their unique personalities and their best interests are my primary concern.

“There is a misconception that cats are aloof, but any cat lover will tell you that they are unique beings with loving natures and bounds of empathy.”

Enter your kitty

With the cat show season drawing to a close, Ingrid invites cat owners to enter their kitties in the CFCSA pet category.

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The show will take place on August 17 at the Benoni Christian School, 5 Papawer Street, Northmead

“Whether you are the proud owner of a tabby cat or adopted a furry feline from an animal shelter, we welcome you to our show,” she said.

“Cat shows are not exclusively reserved for pedigree cats and the pet category allows you to showcase your ‘pawsome’ pet.

“Animals entered in this category are judged on appearance and personality. We welcome all breeds and look forward to celebrating your pet’s unique traits.”

For more information and entry forms email or call Ingrid de Wet on 072 324 6059.
Entries close on August 1.

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