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Ward 13 residents head to the polls for by-elections in Breyten

The municipality said that residents should accept the outcome and results as it is a fair election.

Residents of Ward 13 in Breyten are heading for the polls in a by-election on Wednesday, 10 April to vote for their preferred councillor.

The incoming councillor will replace Mr Muzomusha Sibiya of the African National Congress (ANC), who resigned to pursue other endeavours in December.

The Independent Electorate Commission (IEC) will preside over the by-elections in Breyten and a list of candidates have been put forward for the election.

There are three potential councillors on the candidate list.

The ANC have been hard at work campaigning not only for the national elections, but for their candidate, Mr Kenny Dludlu.

The party descended in Breyten and KwaZanele on Thursday, 28 March to campaign.

A sea of yellow could be seen as party members, including both the former councillor and their candidate, walked the streets in Breyten to garner support.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have put forward Ms Florence Ngwenya as their preferred choice and the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) are banking on Mr Sipho Mthimunye.

Breyten has been in turmoil these past three months, with disgruntled residents taking to the street to air their grievances over service delivery or the lack thereof, among other issues.

A ruling party councillor in the ward 14 area, was under fire, with residents calling for him to step down.

A recent protest also turned violent in February after protesters closed down the R36 road, forcing motorists driving from Ermelo and Carolina to use alternative routes.

The KwaZanele Community Library was torched and two trucks were burnt.

The Msukaligwa Municipality appealed to residents to not turn to violence to voice their dissatisfaction.

“We urge the residents of ward 13 to vote in a peaceful and orderly manner as it is their constitutional right to vote for their preferred candidate, and not subject other voters to violence and disruptions,” Mr Mandla Zwane, Msukaligwa spokesman, said.

The municipality further added that residents should accept the outcome and results as it is a fair election.

The by-elections are a lead up to the national and provincial elections which will take place around the country on Wednesday, 8 May.

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