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Pinetown SAPS women feeds caregivers

Caregivers at Phakamisa were treated to lunch by Pinetown SAPS women staff.

IN commemoration of women’s month, Pinetown SAPS members treated Phakamisa caregivers to soup and bread.

Col Nancy Makhanya said women members at the police station gathered to assist the community.

“People need to know that we are also human, we are women and we have families.

“We care about people, we are not monsters like we have been painted as.

The staff at the police station used their own money to buy food for the Phakamisa caregivers. They also prepared and served the soup themselves.

Makhanya added that if they had the means they would do this regularly.

Phakamisa director, Thokozani Poswa said that they are a NGO and they are always in need of any assistance. They were very happy when they received a call from the Pinetown SAPS.

“Phakamisa educates and works with caregivers from Pinetown and surroundings up to Cato Ridge. We have seven different groups of 35 to 60 people for each day. These people are educated and trained on how to do beadwork, gardening and Educare literacy.

“They then share the knowledge they get from Phakamisa with their communities and day care centres,” Poswa.

The caregivers were also informed about women and child abuse and domestic violence.

“People should not be afraid to report these kinds of cases to the police,” said Makhanya.

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