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Healthy living at Hirsch’s

The staff at Hirsch's were treated to an inspirational health talk by a local wellness expert.

HIRSCH’S have rolled out a Wellness Campaign at all their branches in an attempt to combat the huge problem in KZN with diabetes.

They recently asked SA Diabetes to give talks to all of its staff members and called on the services of a local wellness expert, Dr Hennie Palm, an integrated health consultant. He motivated staff and showed them how to maintain a healthy, balanced meal plan. The Kloof based expert, recently spoke to the staff at the Hirsch Hillcrest branch and encouraged them to make breakfast their main meal of the day and to concentrate on protein. He also persuaded them to cut out processed foods, cut down on their sugar intake and to start eating more salads, fresh fruit and pulses.

Palm explained that integrated or functional medicine had taken up the challenge that other health professionals had given up on with their patients. “It is a refreshingly different health science and gets to the core of issues that may be causing distress,” he said.

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