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Local artist to exhibit paintings

The exhibition which is at Woza Woya will be showcasing till 30 September and residents are invited to support it.

THE first painting he sold in the streets of Johannesburg was what inspired, local artist Nicky Chovuchovu to follow his passion for painting.

Nicky who was born in Harare moved to South Africa and now resides in KwaNyuswa with his wife and children.

The 39-year-old artist followed his father’s footsteps, Norman Chovuchovu. Norman Chovuchovu is a veteran Zimbabwean artist.

Nicky is showcasing his work at Woza Moya, 239 Botha’s Hill, next to Kearsney College in an exhibition which was opened on Thursday, 1 September and will be on show until Friday, 30 September.

He said his passion is inspired by the funny things in life.

“I am very grateful to Woza Moya and Paula Thomson who gave me a chance and a platform to showcase my work.”

“I have exhibited in various art centres, but my highlight was the solo exhibition at the Tatham Art Gallery Pietermaritzburg in 2010,” he said.

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