Join international nature survey as springtime errupts

As the the Southern Hemisphere enters mid-spring, it's the perfect time to capture plant and insect life in full bloom.

A FUN, interactive way to get in touch with nature is to take part in the Great Southern Bioblitz 2021 (GSB), an international initiative aimed at recording nature during springtime.
To take part in the initiative, community members will need to record nature around them between October 22 and 25 and upload their observations onto the iNaturalist App by November 8.
According to the Great Southern BioBlitz website, the international initiative aims to record all the living species within designated areas across the Southern Hemisphere during spring.
“By the end of October, the natural world is on full throttle. Flowers are blooming, insects are emerging, birds are singing, and reptiles are coming out of their winter hibernation. It makes sense for the Southern Hemisphere to observe life at this time of year,” reads the site. 
The South African Association for Marine Biological Research (Saambr) took to its Facebook page to encourage the Durban community to take part.
“This is an opportunity for citizens to document the spectacle of new life that is springing up all around you. All you need is a camera and an internet connection. You would need to download the free iNaturalist app from your app store onto your device to record and submit your observations. You are encouraged to submit as many observations as you are able to of plants, fungi or undomesticated animals,” read the post.


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