1 minute read
12 Sep 2013
8:56 am

35% increase in Vaal Pick 6 pool

TAB customers continued to show their approval for couplings being dropped from the Pick 6 at the Vaal on Tuesday, when the pool was 35% higher than normal.

The R1,145,834 pool was shared among just 3.158 winning tickets. One TAB customer won the full payout and walked away with a cool R362,822. The remaining R783,012 was shared among 17 players who took fractional bets.

Phumelela Betting Executive Vee Moodley said: “The pool was 35% higher than normal. We normally take about R850,000 on a Tuesday Pick 6, which goes to show that making the bet tougher to win appeals to both big and small punters.

“The smallest percentage won was 1% for a dividend of R11,458,” he added.

Here is the breakdown of the winning tickets at the Vaal on Tuesday:

1; 0.461; 0.381; 0.319; 0.231; 0.218; 0.155; 0.091; 0.090; 0.036; 0.030; 0.029; 0.024; 0.021; 0.020; 0.019; 0.013; 0.010.