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Cleaning the community is just one step closer to a better community

CPF members and residents take small steps to improve community.

With crime, unemployment and lack of service delivery affecting Mogale City residents, it sometimes seems important to highlight the small things in life that can go a long way in making a much-needed difference in the community.

On November 26 community members along with CPF members made their way to the corner of the R28 and Robert Broom Drive to conduct a clean-up. The hope was not only to address the broader issues in the community but also to encourage residents to take the initiative to improve their city. The clean-up took place from the early hours of Sunday with community members up in their tools to take the little but important steps to better the lives of residents.

Tyrone Gray at the clean-up.

“We aim to minimise cover for criminal activity. This area is used by criminals to strip cable, hide, sleep and store the illegal signs of other criminal activity, and preparation for criminal activity like snaring is also visible,” said CPF Sector 7 member Vicki Vermaak.

The rubbish collected during the clean-up.

In addition to the clean-up, the CPF hopes it will reduce the high cable theft that takes place within the area. During the clean-up, the community members collected several stolen cables that were found while they were cutting down Black Wattle and other indigenous trees.

These cables were recovered during the clean-up.

Other members who took part in the clean-up involved members of Piquant Security, members of Friends of Emergency Services and various Mogale City ward councillors.

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