People’s Cup donates to winning villages

A school in Giyani received a donation from the winners of The People’s Cup soccer tournament that was held recently.

The teams competed for the top position which gave them the opportunity to donate the prizes to their village school.

The first prize went to Lerale Primary in Buqa and the donation was handed to the school after the games.

“I am happy with the organisation of the tournament.

Despite having only one sponsor, Nkon’wani Attorneys, we managed to donate an amount of R10 000, school shoes worth R4000 as well as a new soccer kit to the champions who were from Buqa village. The team from Shamfana was placed second and received an amount of R5000.

The shoes that were donated to Lerale Primary from Buqa village after their soccer team won The People’s Cup tournament

The third and fourth positions received an amount of R2500 each which went to Mokgwathi and Rajeke,” said Kholofelo Mashao one of the co-founders of The People’s Cup.

He also extended his gratitude to all the supporters who came in numbers to make sure that the tournament was a success.

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“I am very happy with the behaviour of the supporters even though the entrance was free.

I would like to invite sponsors to join us and just maybe we will be able to buy shoes for all the schools of the participating teams.

“The aim of the tournament is to make sure that our kids have proper uniforms and shoes.

“Children without proper attire encounter bullying.

“I would also like to thank the community of Lekgwareng who treated our visitors well.”

The co-coach for Boqa village soccer team, Zane Sebashe was very pleased with the performance of his boys.

Donated school shoes.

“Our village went into this tournament as 2019 defending champions.

“In 2020 the tournament was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The People’s Cup was well organised even though there is still room for improvement.

“It is a top 8 tournament and although it was our first tournament of the year, we managed to beat team Daniel 3-1 during the tournament.

“The next day we managed to beat team Ratjeke 5-1 and lastly, in the finals, we managed to beat team Shamfana 2-0.

“As winners, we were able to donate R10 000 cash, a new soccer kit and 22 pairs of shoes for our primary school called Lerale Primary.

“The players received gold medals.

“The shoes were presented to the school principal, Mecloud Mathibela.

“Teachers identified needy learners and they were handed the shoes.

“The tournament is growing bigger and bigger.

We want to also thank our local musician, More Fire (Hosea Ramonyathi) who provided entertainment during the tournament.

“It was great to be part of the tournament and want to encourage the organisers to keep up the good work.” he concluded.

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