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21 Sep 2016
4:02 pm

AKA hits back on money, weed, phone scandal

Citizen Reporter

Supa Mega has thrown some flames at the fan whose phone he threw away and who said he didn't want AKA's dagga.

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has broken his silence on the allegations by a fan who took to Twitter to allege that the Supa Mega had broken his friend’s phone. In a series of tweets, AKA did not deny the incident, but had a different account of what exactly happened on Saturday after his Supa Mega Show in Cape Town.

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AKA admitted to throwing the phone off a balcony, but said he did it because the fan put him on Snapchat without his permission.

“Ask first. Never ever snap me. Ever. Snapchat has made people think taking videos of people without permission is cool. Have some f*cking manners,” he tweeted.

He further says that being famous is difficult.

His representative also confirmed the incident, but said it was not clear what had made AKA throw away the phone. “AKA has made contact with the fan and they have decided to work it out without the involvement of media,” he told The Citizen without clarifying if he had bought the fan a new phone.

However, his Twitter followers were still having none of it. Most questioned why he offered the fan dagga and R2 000 instead of buying him a new phone altogether. Some went as far as warning him to control his temper as he would one day lose it on a violent fan, who would moer him back.

These are some of the comments he got:

“I really understand being frustrated at people acting like they own you. But have you tried asking nicely?”

“Even Kanye West does not attack fans.What u did is rude and totally unnecessary. Check yourself before u wreck yourself. Manners?”

“You’ve got anger management issues. You probably could have just ASKED the person to stop and not post.”

One other user said AKA was being unfair for wanting to be the only one who posts videos of celebrities on Snapchat. The user was referring to the time AKA posted a video of Taraji P. Henson on Snapchat earlier this year when the Empire crew was in Johannesburg.