Leigh Crymble
2 minute read
3 Apr 2014
7:00 am

The Lo Down: luxury for less with Dejavu Couture

Leigh Crymble

Meet Tammi Hurly, the fashion designer and entrepreneur behind Dejavu Couture – an up-and-coming fashion company with a difference.

Tammi Hurly, owner of Dejavu Couture.

Hurly specialises in the sourcing, buying and selling of previously owned high-end fashion for women.

“Our concept is simple,” Hurly says. “We believe beautiful clothing deserves to get as much exposure and wear as possible. So, we created Dejavu Couture – home to exclusive second-hand designer clothing.”

It is designer labels without designer prices.

Consignment shopping, as it’s referred to overseas, has become an increasingly popular way for people to maintain high standards in fashion and accessories without breaking the bank.

An additional benefit is the environmental advantage that re-selling existing items has.

Not to be confused with thrift stores, upscale consignment shops such as Dejavu Couture offer “gently used” designer clothes and accessories that the original owner no longer wants.

“I’ve always been very interested in fashion and buy designer items where possible,” Hurly says.

“But I know they’re not very accessible or affordable to most South African women – so my hope is to provide an outlet for designer labels that more people can enjoy.”

One of the dresses that has been sourced. Pictures: Dejavu Couture.

One of the dresses that has been sourced. Pictures: Dejavu Couture.

For some people the thought wearing someone else’s clothes is a turn-off, but Marci Kessler, owner of DoubleTake, a well-known consignment boutique in the US, points out that store-bought dresses have often been worn for more hours than her consigned dresses.

This is particularly true in departmental stores where the same item is often tried on dozens of times in changing rooms.

Having only recently launched her flagship store in Pretoria, Hurly is optimistic about the future for consignment shopping in South Africa.

“Right now our focus is on women’s wear, but as we grow, we’re keen to include men’s fashion in our store too.

“We’ve also just launched our online site so anyone in South Africa can shop with us,” she says.

Half the price of what you can expect to pay at a boutique, Dejavu Couture is a treasure-trove of pre-owned designer styles. For more information about this fashion brand and its offerings, visit their website:www.dejavucouture.co.za.

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