Joanne Moore
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27 Jun 2017
8:00 am

Your daily horoscopes

Joanne Moore

Joanne Madeline Moore has been a professional astrologer and writer since 1994. Her daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes are published on five continents.

Joanne Moore

Cancer 22 June – 23 July

Don’t be afraid to show your caring side today. Nurture your family and friends, and have fun with the special people in your life. You have much to learn from nature – like taking each day as it comes.

Leo 24 July – 23 August

Your home is your castle, where you can relax after a busy day spent “performing” in public. So find the time to wind down in your Lion’s den, as you relax and reboot your run-down batteries.

Virgo 24 August – 23 September

A relationship problem can be solved, as long as you keep things in perspective and don’t swing into worry-wart mode. Ask yourself: “Am I reacting out of proportion to the actual situation?”

Libra 24 September – 23 October

Your heart is likely to rule your head so don’t make important decisions that require sound logical judgement. Instead, spend time with your close friends and tell loved ones how you feel.

Scorpio 24 October – 22 November

Inspiration is high, as you join forces with a creative friend from near home or far away. But be careful you don’t get so carried away that you end up overcommitting your time and talent.

Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December

Loose lips sink ships! Keeping quiet about financial matters is advisable at the moment. But can a loud-mouth Archer turn into a secretive Sagittarian? Today, anything is possible.

Capricorn 22 December – 20 January

Don’t be a lone wolf … or should that be a lone Goat? If you nurture a special partnership, then you can combine your talents on a dynamic joint project. You’ll have to get the ball rolling though.

Aquarius 21 January – 19 February

With your unique talents on show today, make sure you inspire others with your creative approach. Don’t spend so much time on routine daily commitments that you neglect loved ones though.

Pisces 20 February – 20 March

Expect some mind-blowing dreams tonight, as Neptune stimulates Mercury in your imagination zone. And do you feel torn between head and heart? Being a Pisces, your heart will always win!

Aries 21 March – 20 April

Don’t be a flash-in-the-pan Aries. You absolutely love starting projects. But make sure your energy, good intentions and enthusiasm last the distance so that you actually finish what you begin.

Taurus 21 April – 21 May

Avoid being too timid Taurus! Jupiter encourages you to approach each day in an adventurous way. Be inspired by blind-deaf educator Helen Keller: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Gemini 22 May – 21 June

Your fickle attention span is tested, when a project demands that you concentrate for more than 60 seconds. Stick with it because, with persistence, it could lead to a major breakthrough.