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Adriaan Roets
1 minute read
20 Jul 2017
2:16 pm

At long last, now here is a longer neck for better beer

Adriaan Roets

If you’ve been kneeling in front of the altar of craft beer, there’s a new gospel you need to consider before receiving the next loving embracing of your deity. Striped Horse has launched a giraffe bottle.

Striped horse beer. Image: Supplied.

Think bespoke packaging (yes, it has a long neck) with killer beer inside, which means you get something nice to drink and look at. But look a little further at the story behind the new bottle.

Based on the tale of how the zebra and giraffe became friends, the beer’s name gives a distinct nod to Africa. There used to be many zebras and giraffes roaming the African plains, but plant-eating animals make an easy target for predators like lions.

The zebras were at a loss as to how to protect themselves from these predators. It was suggested to the zebras that they hold court with the giraffes, who were encountering a similar problem.

Turns out they could help each other. Zebras have powerful night vision and giraffes can see very far, so they decided to graze together. The giraffes would keep guard during the day when they could see predators coming from a long way, and when the giraffes started to run away, the zebras would heed the danger and run too.

In turn, the zebras would guard the herds at night time, when they could better see the enemy approaching. The zebra and the giraffe have remained close friends to this day. It is with this in mind that Striped Horse beer, premium brewed for five weeks according to German Purity Law, with Paarl spring water, has sought out the ultimate bottle to pay homage to the nectar inside.

It’s available in Lager, Pilsner and Pale Ale.