Thabang Buthelezi
2 minute read
13 Oct 2017
2:17 pm

Festival fashion no-no’s

Thabang Buthelezi

You need to be comfortable walking and not have to take it all off for the loo.

October in South Africa has become the festival season. From Rocking the Daisies in the Western Cape to Spring Fiesta in Ekurhuleni, they can be tricky to dress for.

You want to look super stylish, but at the same time, be comfortable and be able to have a great time in whatever you’re wearing. The best fashion advice would be to avoid festival fashion.

Here are the five fashion trends people think are key festival pieces, but should actually always be avoided:

1. Body suits

Yes, body suits are in trend right now and although they look great paired up with a denim skirt, you will need to use the bathroom at a festival and one thing that is inevitable is long bathroom queues.

Waiting in a long line to go to the bathroom can make you panic, but what’s worse is having to take off all your clothes just to empty your bladder. You might just wet yourself while undressing.

2. Jumpsuits

Don’t get me wrong, jumpsuits are amazing, they are very comfortable and stylish at the same time. But you have to take the whole thing off every time you use the bathroom. Which could be one too many times, depending on how much liquid you are consuming.

3. Flip flops

Although they are comfortable and convenient for the beach, a strip of plastic in between your toes is unfortunately not strong enough for a festival. Someone might step on you, resulting to one, or both of your shoes snapping. Not cool.

4. High heels

High heels are a definite no-no for a festival. You might have seen the Jenners rocking heels at Coachella and thought it would be a good idea to wear them. Don’t!

You walk around a lot at festivals, looking for food stalls, drinks and friends who randomly disappear while you’re dancing. You want to be as comfortable as possible and after a few hours of walking in heels, comfort becomes a myth. You don’t want to be that person who is carrying their shoes and walking barefoot because they can’t take it anymore.

5. Cowboy boots

October is spring season and cowboy boots are hot and heavy. Those two reasons alone should put you off wearing them. Not to mention that they are so out of fashion – well, at least in South Africa.

Lastly, please don’t be boring. A long face is the worst thing you can bring to a festival. Not only do you dampen everyone’s mood, it’s just not nice seeing miserable people at spaces created for fun.