Lara Bestbier
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27 Mar 2018
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9 reasons why your baby could be crying

Lara Bestbier

Babies cry, and that’s okay. As a new mom, it’s important to learn the difference between your baby’s different cries.

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Your baby cannot talk, and the only way he can communicate with you is through crying.

As a new mom, it is important to learn the difference between your baby’s different cries. This will enable you to respond and meet the needs of (and settle) your baby quicker.

Here are some of the reasons why your baby could be crying:

1. Hungry: Think back, when last did your baby feed? If it’s been three to four hours, offer your baby milk.

2. Tired: Is your baby overstimulated, or has he been awake for too long?

3. Sick: Could your baby not be feeling well? Take his temperature and watch for other symptoms of illness.

4. Uncomfortable: Is your baby dressed according to the weather? Feel his hands and feet to check if he is perhaps too cold or too warm. Rule of thumb: your baby should wear one more layer than you.

5. In pain: Could your baby be teething? Check her gums to see if you can spot a tooth.

6. Wind or cramps: Did you properly wind your baby after his last feed? Try burping him to see if that will relieve a wind or cramp.

7. Dirty nappy: Check to see if your baby has a wet or soiled nappy.

8. Boredom: Babies also get bored. Change her scenery to distract her.

9. Attention: Babies need love – and lots of it. A cuddle might be all your baby needs.

If you have gone through this checklist and your baby continues to cry uncontrollably (and you know something is off), call your paediatrician or clinic sister for advice.

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