Leigh Crymble
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5 Jun 2014
9:00 am

The Lo Down: Put your best foot forward

Leigh Crymble

There's a new fashion trend in town and this one's for the men.

New sock styles are considered by some to be the male equivalent of lingerie. Picture:

We chatted to Nic Haralambous, founder of to find out what has made bright, bold, and colourful socks so popular – so much so that many consider these new sock styles to be the male equivalent of lingerie.

“Socks are no longer merely a basic staple,” Haralambous starts by saying, “They’ve become an accessory to either colour-coordinate a tie or pocket square, or add subtle colour to an outfit.”

Forget toeing the line

But it’s more than just fashion, according to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Researchers found that wearing colourful socks has a strong correlation to achieving professional success. Opting for bright, bold socks, which was termed ‘nonconforming behaviour’, is a calculated decision and those who are seen to make this decision are perceived as having a higher status and sense of competency.

“Our customer is the 28-to-50-year-old man but since our launch in 2012, we’re finding that more and more men from older demographics are updating their sock drawers with various patterns and colourful effects,” says Haralambous.

“NicSocks was really created from a passion that I have for men’s fashion and for brightly coloured statement items. I’d been wearing bright socks for a few years but they were poor quality and expensive. I literally looked down at my socks and realised I wanted to make my own. With a background in digital media, I decided that an online fashion company was the way to go and NicSocks was born.”

Some of the styles available from

Some of the styles available from

So, what’s on trend at the moment? “Pop colours of red, blue, purple, and orange have been especially popular, as well as bold stripes and prints,” reveals Haralambous. “I do most of the designs myself and look for inspiration all over. South Africa is filled with patterned designs so I keep an eye out, snap a photo, and then try my best to turn that aesthetic into a sock. I launch two new designs every month in limited edition runs. This means that there are only ever about 200 pairs available per design.”

So, how many pairs of socks does Haralambous own? “I’m a sockaholic,” he admits, “I own just under 100 pairs … and my collection keeps growing!”

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