Serisha Singh
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16 Jul 2018
10:56 am

How to make your leggings last longer

Serisha Singh

Turn your leggings inside out before popping them into the washing machine to help preserve their colour.

United Airlines barn leggings.

Leggings are a firm favourite in most wardrobes. They are flattering, comfortable and are easy to wear too.

But did you know taking care of them properly can help them last longer?

Know when to wash

Washing any garment each time you wear it will affect its longevity. But this is particularly true when it comes to leggings.

As a general rule of thumb, wash them after every two to three wears – provided that you haven’t exercised in them, been excessively sweaty or spilled something on them.

Wash leggings the right way

You should turn your leggings inside out before popping them into the washing machine. This will help preserve their colour.

You should also wash at a lower temperature to ensure that the delicate fibres of the fabric are preserved. This will also prevent stretching, shrinking and warping. You can give the fabric softener a skip too.

Air dry them

You definitely need to let your leggings dry naturally – tumble driers are hard on clothes.

Lay them flat if you can to avoid stretching. But if you simply must hang them up, drape them halfway over the washing line and secure with one peg.

Do not iron

Heat is not your friend. Because leggings contain a degree of stretch and spandex, a hot iron is a no-no.

This is because spandex and other stretchy synthetic fabrics scorch easily, leaving unsightly burn marks. In all likelihood, wearing will remove any wrinkles as the fabric clings to your body.

Be gentle

This goes for storing and wearing your leggings too. To store them correctly, fold the legs together and then fold in half. This will maintain the shape and prevent wrinkles.

You should also take care when putting your leggings on to ensure they don’t snag, catch or pull on your shoes or accessories.

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