Leigh Crymble
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26 Jun 2014
9:00 am

The Lo Down: Beauty with a conscience

Leigh Crymble

Home-grown coffee, free-range chicken, grain-fed beef.

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As global focus shifts to more sustainable living by reducing our impact on the environment, you can do your bit for the planet by starting at home: with your beauty products.

“Environmental factors play a huge role in the types of products I use,” Tamerin Jardine, former Miss Earth and avid environmentalist stresses. “Some of the things I consider are if the products are free from animal cruelty, whether the products are dissolvable in our water systems, and if the packaging is recyclable or reusable.”

Clean face; clean conscience

According to Tamerin, who is listed as one of the Top 50 Green People to follow globally on twitter, it is important to look at your life and see what your daily routine is to know how you can offset your own carbon footprint and contribute to a greener earth. “For many of us, a big part of this comes down to the toiletries and beauty products we use each day,” she adds.

Picture: Supplied.

Picture: Supplied.

Tamerin’s tips to go green:

1. Choose the shower
“I prefer showering in the mornings rather than bathing as it uses less water and is therefore far better for the environment. I use an eco-friendly shower gel and products from the Dermalogica range – great beauty products with the added advantage of being on PETA’s anti-cruelty list.”

2. Love local
“If you buy products that are sourced and made here in SA, you’re contributing less of a carbon footprint to the world. This is mainly because of reduced transport costs to get your products to you. For this reason, I love local brands such as Beauty Factory and Dermalogica.”

3. Research it
“I look constantly at the PETA anti-cruelty list as for me this is extremely important being a huge animal lover and ambassador for Barking Mad and Free Me. I also avoid products containing too many chemicals – especially parabens!”

4. Beauty DIY
“Making your own products might seem intimidating at first but can be a lot of fun and end up saving you money too. Produce like eggs, pawpaw, olive oil, sugar, avocado, and even beer are ingredients for natural facemasks or bath creams. If you don’t know where to start, google it.”

Tamerin’s overall message? “Each little bit of consciousness will add up to make a huge difference to our world so start small by making healthier, more responsible beauty choices.”

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