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22 Jul 2019
10:30 am

Choose a cleaner, healthier planet with Kimbino


Now more than ever, there should be a focus on the message of saving the environment, before it's too late.

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For too long, big manufacturers and millions of consumers have not cared about what consumerism is doing to the environment. Luckily, many businesses these days are starting to turn around their practices to focus on ways to improve the current situation of the world.

What are we doing wrong?

Over many years, big companies and consumers have not cared much about how they are negatively affecting the environment. For example, we’ve been cutting down trees in bulk to make paper, we’ve been pumping rubbish into rivers and oceans, and we have not been recycling on the scale that we should have been. We have caused a lot of damage!

So, how can we turn this around? Perhaps it is too late to undo most of the damage we have done, but we can work together to avoid further harm.

It starts with you 

Many people around the world are starting to choose ways in which to improve the environment. They choose eco-friendly products, as well as services that do not harm the environment. Many have realised that change starts in the home. Once individuals start to change their ways and think green, the message will quickly spread.

People have also begun to realise that through hands-on activities, such as protesting, they can make a difference. This can especially be seen in young millenials that are passionate about their environment and protecting it, and their environmentally conscious decisions further spread the message via social media platforms.

Tips how YOU can make a difference

There are many ways you can make a difference, but by just implementing these three tips, you are already making a massive impact.

  • Choose companies that do not use chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Not sure? Visit the website of the company and read what they use in their product manufacturing.
  • Make sure you recycle at home, and once you have gotten into the habit, help your friends and neighbours to do the same!
  • Choose to use less paper by making use of Kimbino, the online catalogue browsing tool.

What is Kimbino? 

Kimbino is a new online platform that makes it easy to save time, save money and help to save the environment.

How? Well, instead of handing out millions of paper leaflets with daily and weekly specials, you can now simply find all the specials and discounts you are looking for, by browsing online! Gone are the days of paper leaflets that end up in the bin – everything can be found as online specials.

Choose the environment. Choose Kimbino.

It is time to start looking after our planet. There are many ways to do this. Start small, by choosing Kimbino, and you will see that in the future it will make a massive difference. Not only will you not miss a single special from your favourite retailers, but you will also help to move away from wasting paper!

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