Tamlyn Cumings
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21 Oct 2019
3:33 pm

Five makeup mistakes to avoid in summer

Tamlyn Cumings

Take it easy with the setting powder, touch up your makeup when necessary and embrace that extra glow.

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A new season means there should be some changes to your beauty routine, so make sure you aren’t falling victim to these summer makeup mistakes.

The longer, warmer days are finally here and while we couldn’t be happier to be wearing our favourite sandals and flowy dresses, we can’t help but notice that the heat often wreaks havoc with our makeup.

The truth is there are some changes you should be making to your routine, so read on to make sure you aren’t making any of these summer makeup mistakes.

Overdoing the bronzer

You want to look like you’ve got that sun-kissed skin or a beautiful summery shimmer, but few things are a bigger no-no than going to town – and then some – with the bronzer.

The point of bronzer is that it looks natural, so apply with caution and only where the sun would naturally hit your skin.

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Forgetting to change your foundation

Summer weather means more time outside in the sun, which means that the colour of your skin will most likely change – even if it’s only just a little bit.

Because of this, you should have a summer and a winter foundation which are different shades, and possibly even different types, with a lighter one for those hot summer days.

Skipping the primer

You might be able to get away with skipping the primer step in the cooler months, but when it’s hot and you’re sweaty, that makeup will just melt right off your face unless it’s got something to stick to.

That something is primer, so take the time and put some on before you get going with your makeup.

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Not using waterproof mascara

Those beach days and pool parties are coming in hot, and we’re all for adding a lick of mascara and a touch of lip gloss to feel fresh.

But no one wants to fall victim to raccoon eyes when doing the slow-mo exit from the pool or sea, so make sure that your mascara is a good waterproof one.

Going to town with powder

Yes, you’re going to have that extra glow that comes from summer days, so the natural reaction would be to use more setting powder than normal.

However, your makeup is going to end up cakey and pasty, neither of which are a great look overall, so take it easy with the powder, touch up your makeup when necessary and embrace that glow!

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Playing it safe

Summer is arguably the most fun season for makeup; there are no limits to colour, bright and bold is encouraged and more is certainly more, so embrace the season and step out of your comfort zone.

Change things up and use a coloured eyeliner, try out that bright lipstick you’ve had your eye on and switch your standard neutral blush for a peach or pink one. After all, there’s no harm in trying, right?

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