Tara Parker-Pope
1 minute read
13 Nov 2019
10:06 pm

How to organise your hobby

Tara Parker-Pope

It’s better to just have one hobby, or two at the most, rather than take on multiple hobbies.

Group of friends having fun at home,watching game and enjoying together.

Having a plan to organise your hobby is an essential part of sticking to it. Here are some tips. Create a dedicated hobby space If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room, spend some time creating a hobby room. If space is at a premium in your home, then try to find a closet, cabinet, trunk, shelf, desk or drawer that you can devote exclusively to your hobby. Contain your hobby Once you’ve declared a room, shelf or cabinet for your hobby, keep it organised. Invest in baskets, jars, easels, plastic bins or whatever you need to stay organised....