Harry Guinness
5 minute read
4 Dec 2019
3:50 pm

You should start practising New Year’s resolutions now

Harry Guinness

If you want to write a journal or take a photo every day, start now, and sticking to your resolution will already be part of your daily routine.

New Year’s resolutions seem like a great way to take stock of the last year and set goals for the next one. Unfortunately, by February around 80 percent of people have failed to stick to theirs. Life-changing commitments are just hard to, well, commit to. If most people can’t stay at it for six weeks, something must be wrong with the whole process. It starts with the resolutions themselves. Both wishy-washy promises, like “lose some weight” or “write a book,” and over-the-top commitments, like “drop 20 pounds by the start of March” or “become a New York Times best seller,” are bad...