Adriaan Roets
2 minute read
13 May 2020
12:16 pm

Three proudly South African fashion brands to shop this winter

Adriaan Roets

Getting into the swing of online ordering may be the way to go during lockdown.

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If you were brave enough to go to any mall or store complex on 1 May you will have seen the long lines at every clothing store as people looked for winter clothes for their families.

With an authoritative chill in the air this reasoning is sound, but online ordering is also open and there are some great, 100% South African brands you can support during lockdown (and afterwards, of course).

Here are some great brands:

1. Liefde Wen

Picture: Facebook / LiefdeWenCharity

Don’t let the Afrikaans name scare you. Liefde Wen (literally translated is Love Wins) is a multifaceted brand that tends to associate with charitable giving. Their range of winter clothes can now be purchased online during the yet-to-end level 4 lockdown.

Started in Potchefstroom by Bouwer Bosch in 2009, Liefde Wen offers comfortable hoodies, socks and shirts. Liefde Wen is currently also supporting other online retailers such as the Wanderlust Leather Support Fund since the leather company can’t trade right now. Hoodies retail for about R450.

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2. January & June

Picture: January & June

Okay, so swimwear is the last thing on your mind right now, but after Covid-19 sustainability should still be part of your thinking. With the economy at a crossroads, January & June has decided to expand their product range to include more than just sustainable swimwear (that means face masks).

The goal is to still make impactful fashion that doesn’t support unethical fast fashion practices.

The brand is supporting a local seamstress in the Eastern Cape to create hand-made, quality cotton masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are reusable, washable and reversible and come in a range of fun and classic colours. So really it’s the ultimate two for one.

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3. MrP Sport

Picture: Facebook / mrpricesport

Although not always locally made (but many items are), Mr Price Sport is open for ordering and delivering to a store close to you.

Since they offer many sporting clothes (which fall into the winter essentials category) their online shop helps a lot.

Whether you’re walking dogs between 6am to 9am or doing something else, they have your back (to ensure it stays warm).


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