Tracy-Lee Stark
3 minute read
15 Jun 2020
7:00 am

Dancing through lockdown

Tracy-Lee Stark

Guests are invited to participate in classes every Wednesday at a participation fee of R100 per class which goes towards helping support Joburg Ballet at a time when dancers are not earning an income from the box office.

Soloist Mario Gaglione from Italy and Craig Pedro from Cape Town are dancers from the Joburg Ballet company, they continue to do rehearsals at home via Zoom, 22 May 2020.  The performing arts has been one of the hardest hit industries with the Joburg ballet having to cancel all upcoming  stage shows until the lockdown is lifted.  Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Senior Soloist ballet dancer Revil Yon seems to be one of those people who is always happy, greeting you enthusiastically at the door. As we met, he for a moment forgot that we are in the period of a pandemic and extended his hand, but quickly took it back remembering our new norm. As he takes me through his home, a place where he now has to rehearse, you can tell that the weeks of lockdown have affected his spirit. Although still upbeat, one can tell that he is not his usual larger than life on-stage persona. Far from the...